Friday, 5 November 2010

More Eve Uni and introducing SCUM.

First things first though, I took the top spot on The Ladder! Right now with that out of my system let’s get on with the actual blog post.

My last post ended with me fighting an Eve Uni gang and having a blast, but apparently Eve Uni really likes us. Only 2 days after my fight with them, another corp member ran into a gang of theirs. Lex uses a different approach then me though. I usually tend to wade in head first and hope my buffer holds long enough for everything else to die. Lex uses his nano Drake to great effect for drawing out larger gangs and popping weaker links when they present themselves. Which is exactly what he did with the Eve Uni gang and to great effect. He spent a while following the gang, proceeding to pick them off one by one. Now don’t get me wrong, I have a huge amount of respect for what Eve Uni does for new players. But in gangs they have a tendency to well, let’s say bring disproportionate amount of numbers and/or ECM. So props to Lex for picking them off so successfully!

Now I would like to introduce you all to SCUM. There a low sec alliance living close by to our home base of Brin. There also one of our favorite targets around as they have a tendency to always undock something to fight. So last Tuesday me and Von ventured to Taff looking for a fight once more. Him in his epic navy Omen, which Von blogged about here, and me in my trusty nano Curse. After hanging around for a few minutes and Vons connection being as fail as always, even though he did bag this Raptor kill, we got a response. SCUM came out in a t2 frig gang of about 15 people and aggressed Von in a belt. His Omen being much faster he quickly pulled range and started pounding away while i warped in. Of course thanks to Vons maneuvering while I was in warp I had a great landing point. Right in the middle of their frig gang! I was instantly scrambled by 4-5 frigs, though it should have been more. I think they were just stunned that a Curse had warped in at 0 on them or something, because I managed to neut or kill the frigs that scrambled me and pulled range. After we both popped a couple of them they decided this was not working and wisely warped out. End result looked like this. After that they reshipped to battlecruisers and recons, so we decided this was more than the both of us could take and headed home to drop of our loot.

Back home some more people started logging on and we were about to head out again when suddenly my internet died, ugh. Apparently the net was out in the whole neighborhood so I missed the rest of the evening. Sad for me because not long after they popped both a Tengu in a wormhole as well as a missioning Megathron. But then again I am pretty sure we will have more fun fights in the future, so remember: This can only end well!


  1. Cyber's words just before his internet cut out "Ok guys, lets go!"

    We thought it was funny :D

  2. I can't speak for the rest of SCUM, but I've had a blast with you fellows. Lex, in particular. I had a great time with him the other day in our drakes, hopefully he rolls through Taff again soon.