Tuesday 4 January 2011

New year: Beginnings and Endings

With the new year come new changes, some good and some bad. The biggest change has come for me in RL and thus I will be relatively afk from EVE for the coming month. However a corp without active leadership is not a good thing and I have refused to let renegades slowly wither and die in those circumstances. For that reason I have closed the corp down.

Over the past 3 months I had a lot of fun running Renegades and I hope all our members feel the same way. There has been some good times and some bad. But I think I can say that overall we had fun and played eve the way I think it’s supposed to be played. Too bad that the blog will now also end as I won’t have time for it either or the eve time to play and thus have something interesting to write about. I had 2 interesting subjects for a post that now will never be seen, our awesome Christmas op and we had a hilarious encounter with an indy corp that tried to move into Brin, but all good things must end. I had fun flying in Renegades and writing this blog, I also hope some people actually had fun reading it. Who knows I may pick blogging up again one day, we will see.

For now I wish you all a Happy New Year and we will keep our motto going in spirit: This can only end well!

1 comment:

  1. Its been an honour flying with you my friend.

    Your blog appears to be more influential then mine is, so you'd better pick it back up when you're back active in whatever corp you settle in!